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resident evil 4: wii edition

boss battle - del lago life: 60 directly after the cutscene, leon will be forced to fight del lago as it grabs the boat's anchor and drags the boat across the lake. hold the b button to make leon hold a spear then aim at del lago and throw the spear at him. the spears come in an infinite supply so don't worry about running out of spears. dodge the logs and other debris as del lago pulls the

far cry

once on the roof, you want to run 'n' jump at the spot where the gate of the fence, and the fence on the angle connect. if done right, you'll either land on the other side, or at the top of the fence on the angle, so just jump on over. there isn't much to do except get a good look at the boat. the game killed me when i tried to get onto the boat, although i only tried once. ===== 1.20 volcano

this old house

the lake forest project is well under way as norm works in his temporary garage workshop making the bracketed posts to be used on the breakfast room's exterior.

lego indiana jones 2: the adventure continues

5: south of a wall with bronze fence posts, west of the stone bridge over the river. 6: just southeast of pankot palace. 7: south of the entrance to the thuggee temple, more specifically just south of a fallen stone skull. 8: southeast of the stone bridge over the river. 9: south of the airfield where lao che's plane is. after purchasing stunt plane: 10: in the small enclosed mountain area in

lego indiana jones: the original adventures

at the bridge, whip across, blow up the crate, and assemble the rest of the bridge so you can drive through the fence. beach: this is the 'sort of' boss fight. there are three planes pecking away at you up there with their bombs and pilots or maybe just one rather persistent plane, it's kinda vague . you need to find three flocks of seagulls, which will fly up and into the plane's propellers

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grand theft auto: vice city typical jump faq for

the jumps are the two signs that say 'vice city marina' on it and then they have an anchor below. there is two signs, go off the second one you see, the other one is two hard to jump off. start at the alleyway across and to the left from the sign. be warned that you may fall in the water. your bike probably won't land in the water, it's just that there is a big possibility of you crashing and

danganronpa another episode: ultra despair girls

the third one is, but we need an 'anchor' monokuma to electrify the water on the right, so shoot the third hologram as well. to recap: shoot the first and third holograms with move, then hit the middle monokuma with a paralyze shot. this will hit every monokuma on the map and kill them all. very nice `-.-----' after you gather up the spoils, continue past the challenge area and

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