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how to clean wood deck stained by flower pots etc

lego indiana jones: the original adventures

first box is right near the stained glass window in the back. second one is on the right, and requires you to assemble panels for the ladder so you can push it into place and climb up. third one is in the near left shelves. bust down all the books there to find a switch and pull it to reveal the box. for the last one, you need to go upstairs. find the whip platform in the back left area, which

legend of mana

- when this is done, head downstairs to the seven trustr deck where david is - there is someone in a barrel, so speak to him - head back upstairs and into the captain's room - speak to him, and he'll ask you to get the bottle back - go back to the area with the person in the barrel - speak to him again - talk to him and make him come out of the bottle - he'll give you the bottle, and he'll run away


continue on, to the left of the stairs to hit up a trashcan for a used cigar and some plants nearby cosmos flower cuttings and tulip flower cuttings x2 . to the left is a hallway with a door leading to 'employee orientation' and further down 'psychotronics staff only', but that door is busted. but hey, a suitcase here has a medkit in it. ignore the doors here and head back now

the legend of heroes: trails in the sky

2f: take either routes from the center room, and head up to 3f 3f: take the wooden bridge right next to the entrance till you reach a platform, take the stone bridge to the east, you should find yourself inside a dome. take the northern stone bridge to the next set of stairs. but before you go up, make your way all the way to the end of the western wooden bridge besides the stairs for a tear

do you personalize your work area

you might work in your own office or cube. you might work in a common area or room - with individual desks, or shared desks. do you personalize your work area and desktop, screen savers?

what's for dinner 392: green, green, green old

easy assembly meal after we spent most of the afternoon outside cleaning the patio deck flooring. great weather, but what a job wfd was angel hair pasta with jarred tomato-basil marinara sauce and sauteed garlic/spinach/chicken sausage pieces.

15 clever ways to use coffee around the house

scour pots and pans: if you have a sauce pan or a pot that is particularly difficult to clean, toss in a dash of coffee grounds. paired with a wash cloth, the abrasive nature of the coffee grounds


now, go around the building break the pots they have random items in them and break the boxes behind the building for a corpse . inside of the building has been looted, but there's another corpse past the building itself. even better though, just past the building on the left you can break

yu-gi-oh dark duel stories cheats, codes, and secrets for

go to the passwords menu then enter any of these codes after the game is completed. you can get grandpa without beating the game. note:you can only have 1 person at a time, you have to beat one of them 5 times to go to the next one.

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