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grand theft auto: vice city

grand theft auto: vice city \=====/ \= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =/ 'grand theft auto: vice city' is the follow-up to the smash hit 'grand theft auto iii'. like its predecessor, vice city is a freeform 'sandbox' adventure game where you can do pretty much anything you want. vice city is set in the 1980's 1986 specifically which is about the time when most adult gamers

banjo-kazooie: grunty's revenge

move 1: pack whack 10 notes press b while standing still to make banjos backpack slam on the ground. jinjo 1: right after you get your first move, go to the left and break the pile of sticks and junk around the jinjo. after you get those, go to the right, and see the jinjo oracle to get information on the jinjos. then go south and you can find jiggy wiggy's temple. hollow honeycomb 1: right

tony hawk's pro skater 3 faq/walkthrough for game boy

self proven - south of the hotdog, skate past the first qp it's against the fence and the second qp it's sticking out and grind the third qp it's against the fence at an angle going south and land on the other qp against the fence. several yards from utopia - it's west of 'between the ramps,' skate up one of the qp's and land on the other qp. smells like arny? - it's in the south side of

grand theft auto: san andreas

for grand theft auto: san andreas on the pc, 100% completion guide by chitownbluesfan. there's a dirt path on the near side of the fence that the race continues on. if you make a mistake and end up on the road, you have to go back to the farm and go around the fence - i couldn't find a way through. second, once you start the series of switchbacks, there's a dirt path you can cut up and

monster hunter freedom

once all your shots are gone run off the fence and begin attacking laos head until he begins to slam the fort when this happens run up by using the ladders on the right side of the gate. i dont know why but they are hard to climb onto just press circle while running w/o pressing r until you get on it then climb up the second ladder. now wait for lao to stand up and just before he des a

all-star baseball 2003 faq/strategy guide for game boy

lastly, remember that different ballparks have unique dimensions, making it easier or harder to slam home runs. q: what tips do you have for the game? a: here are a few tips that might help you out: ---hitting--- * to make good contact with the ball, swing the bat when your cursor overlaps squarely with the pitcher's aiming sight. watch the latter closely, as it may dip or curve, especially on

awesome golf review for lynx: an average golf game

jimmy connors' tennis. jimmy connors, ranked number one for 159 weeks, holder of eight grand slam titles and a record 109 singles titles - m

crash bandicoot: the huge adventure faq/walkthrough for

body-slam the iron crates, then take out the tnt and 1-up boxes in the basement. take out the plant, and the dart blowers as you go up. from the platform next to the arrow, jump right and get a 1-up. then take the arrow up. shatter the iron crates, and go back up again. hit the second checkpoint, and dodge the darts. if you get hit by one, crash will pop. take out the dart blower, and go right

conker's pocket tales faq/walkthrough for game boy color

invitation 4: on your way to present 2, go on the other side of the fence when you reach the house, follow the path to the invitation. 9. krow keep go southeast of the bridge in willow woods, and you will find water where you can dive in. go swim past all the fish and go into the little hole and you can go in the next area present 1: go north of the well you exited from when entering the

grand theft auto: chinatown wars

* * 3.07 s and m grand slam this is like a selection of races that you can choose. there are two races that you can race in. the ladder board that allows you to choose the races, the bohan classic and bohan valley is directly two blocks east of the chase point pay and spray. it is a block where it is solid at the top, with a small empty space at the southern end of the block. as for what car

medievil: resurrection

just to the right of the gate, there is a fence and behind it, 3 bags of 25gc. go round the fence and get them. now we will go right, from the gate. you will pass a rune gate to your right and also a book you can read. go strht on, through the opening and go to the left. go down the pier to the right. there is a chest at the end containing a bolt of electricity. in the boat you pass there

crash bandicoot: the huge adventure

the only time the body slam should be used to take out an enemy is when you are just playing a level for fun, and have plenty of lives to spare. i currently have 99 lives, which is more then enough of a safety margin. ----- 2.22 u n d e r w a t e r ----- underwater has just one attack. this attack is spin. spinning into an enemy under water is a lot harder to do then spinning into one on land

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