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the legend of zelda: ocarina of time / master quest zelda

after being beaten, the slack-jawed beaver brothers admit that mikau is a much more skilled swimmer than they thought, and yield a heart piece. ===== b e e d l e ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh race: hylian appearances: the wind waker phantom hourglass spirit tracks beedle i cant believe i managed to forget beedle through two revisions o o i cant believe it because hes iconic to the wind waker


run forward and outside the fence bottles will pop up and start talking to you. he asks you if you would like some training before taking on the witch. press a and he will tell you to explore around and look for his molehills. so now go forward and follow the little brown path. you should see a molehill up ahead. go up to it and press b. bottles will teach you the camera system for this game

donkey kong 64

2 - introducing: beaver bother at the start, go through the right tunnel until you reach the production room. then proceed to the r and d room where steam spews from the floor. climb the cute ladder at the right, then enter the second door you get to. collect the red banana medals if you haven't already, then drop into the hole. you'll arrive in the room where chunky was trapped. simian slam

two worlds ii

if you follow the fence to the shore you can swim around the rocks on your right to find the location lighthouse with a weapon forging skillbook at the top. you'll also find selen there. on the other side of the lighthouse there's a field. if you'd like to gather some herbs or go hunting, there's plenty. from the lighthouse, you can swim to the town where you'll find a citizen. baasan the

donkey kong 64

walk to the back of this area inside the fence area to plant the bean. the bean will grow into a plant. visit funkys store ----- this is also very important. any kong can visit funkys store to buy the homing ammo upgrade. this upgrade is for all of the kongs. they must also find the special homing ammo. after collecting it, the kongs can use it to easily home in on the closest enemy

mega man battle network 3: blue version

- get the middle program beaver-type and blow up the mettaur. - go past the crossroad to end of the path and get a cannon c. - return to the crossroad and head left. - follow the path to yet another net-cage and check the two mettaurs below you. they are both panda-type viruses. first is hungry and second is bored. - head left, past the cage, and follow the path. - get sneakrun navi

donkey kong 64

go up the wooden pole with the kasplat at the bottom and go down the hall, making a left.or to get here, you should find funkys from the toy room and take the 5 warp pad with dk. you will see an arcade machine in the corner of the room. stand on the footprints infront of the lever and use your gorilla grab by pressing b. this will start the game for you. you are about to play old school

red dead 2 legendary animals guide: locations and hunting

in red dead redemption 2, hunting is an important part of exploration and survival in the vast open world. in addition to finding food and other necessary supplies, you'll be able to use materials

final fantasy ii

there is a small fence surrounding the outside of the town. walk right outside it but not too far, else you'll go onto the world map and follow the path to the right. when the path ends and theres a wall, head down, and enter the pub at the end. in the pub, talk to none of the soldiers, but talk to the bartender. 'ask' him about the 'wild rose' and he will move out of your way. walk right

donkey kong 64 faq/walkthrough for nintendo 64 by wiej

kill the beaver in the greenish area and get the golden banana 1 , then head into the passage. this is the lobby to the first world. every level has a lobby where you'll find b. locker a cut-scene introduces you to him . he guards the dk portal, which is the only way into the level, and won't let you in unless you have enough golden bananas. avoid the beavers and towards him, but look at the

donkey kong 64

busy barrel barrage: in busy barrel barrage, you have to defeat the kritters without being hit. you cannot walk, you may only turn and fire. fire wildly with your weapon at first to defeat the kritters. when the kritters are regenerated, hit them with another shot. you should be able to last for the required number of seconds this way. dk arcade: this is the original donkey kong. in the first

jonathan rosenbaum's profile

scott alexander and larry karaszewski's script may in spots be as much of a skim job as their one for 'ed wood,' but it's almost as sweet and as likable, and if the movie can't ever practice what it and its hillbilly hero preach--the only 'beaver' shot in the movie involves a corpse--its heart is certainly in the right place.

chrono trigger

there's also an old man by the fence to the south. if you speak with him, he will say a certain racer's name. this is a hint, so if you bet on the racer he mentioned, you'll have a better chance of winning the bet. at times, his hint is wrong, however. all the way at the eastern side of this area, there is a tent. that tent is the tent of horrors. speak with the floating face-clown thing. he's

mega man battle network 3: blue version

wood- an wood elemental style, weak to fire. charge shot is a tornado attacks 2 spaces ahead, like the chip, wood elemental. 3. elec- an elec electric elemental style, weak to wood. charge shot is a zap ring that paralyzes, like the zap ring chip, elec elemental. 4. aqua- an aqua elemental style, weak to elec. charge shot is a bubbler shot hits one back, just like the chip, aqua elemental

assassin's creed rogue

below youll see a large wooden garden platform with a guard on top of it. move up to the edge close enough to target him and perform an air assassination. move to the far right corner of the platform and jump to the tree here to reach the building beyond. sneak up and kill the stalker on the roof here and then hop across to the tree branch nearby. follow the pathway through the trees until

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